Memory Joggers

A book of original paintings by Wairarapa artist Matt Guild

"I love to paint anything that draws on the nostalgic, emotional history of our childhood. The one constant while growing up in NZ is enjoying the simple pleasures. Watties sauce (and essential for any BBQ), playing in Grandad's old cars and Jaffas rolling down the aisle. It is these personal experiences deeply rooted in our childhood, that I'm trying to capture on canvas for all to enjoy.

My style would be considered photorealism. I love capturing detail; the way a certain object looks in a moment of time. My paintings are about light, shadows, reflections and environment. All of my paintings have an element of still-life. Taking an object, often seemingly mundane, starring it as the main focal point and injecting new emotional life into it.

I want my paintings, particularly the photorealist style, to draw our attention to the beauty in recognisable landscapes and evoke memories that anchor us warmly to our past. To passionately find ways to pull on our heartstrings and helps us remember where we have come from."

Matt Guild

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Full of instantly recognisable Kiwiana, this is a great "coffee table" book that is not only decorative, but serves as a talking point and trip down memory lane for anyone who comes to visit. It would look perfect both in your workshop reception area, or on your table at home. Memory Joggers would also be a great Christmas present for relatives.

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