Powerness Hiker U1000 Portable Power Station, Solar Generator


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Powerness Hiker U1000 Specs

Stay connected, stay powered. Grab your Hiker U500 Portable Power Station now!
Introducing the Hiker U500 solar generator for camping - your reliable companion for on-the-go power. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, working remotely, or facing a power outage, this portable power station ensures you have the energy you need to keep your devices running.

With a capacity of 515Wh and a pure sine wave output, this 500 watt power station delivers 500W of continuous power, with a peak power of 1000W, allowing you to power various electronic devices simultaneously. From laptops and smartphones to small appliances and power tools.

The Best Features Of Our Hiker U500 Compact And Portable Power Station

With a capacity of 515Wh / 34.8Ah 14.8V, it provides ample power to keep your devices running for extended periods.
It delivers a pure sine wave output, providing clean and stable power for your sensitive electronic devices, ensuring their optimal performance.
Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging with the 10W wireless charging feature, allowing you to power compatible devices without the need for cables.
The power station supports multiple recharging options, including an AC adapter, a wall charger with Type C, or a 120W solar panel.

Powerness Hiker U500 Specs


Inverter: Pure sine wave
Weight: 5.2 KG
Pass-through Charging: Yes


Capacity: 34.8Ah 14.8V/515Wh
Battery Type: Li-ion NMC


DC Input: 1* 4mm DC 19V/3.78A (AC Adaptor 72W / Solar Panel up to 120W / Car Charger 45W)
Type-C In/Output: Bidirectional PD 60W
Anderson Input: No
Maximum Input: Adaptor 72W + PD 60w


AC Output: 1*AC 230v 50hz Total 500W, Peak Power 1000W
DC Output: 2*12V/5A, Total 10A
USB-A Output: 1*USB-A QC3.0, 3* USB-A 5V/2.4A
USB-C In/Output: Bidirectional PD 60W
Wireless Charging: 10W
Car Output: 12V/10A

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