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Delivery location, Fees, and times

Delivery location, Fees, and times

Delivery Location

Delivery is ONLY to the adress that you have registered with Blackfern. You cannot change the delivery address.

During the checkout process you are encouraged to provide instructions to aid delivery, such as times when you will be available to receive your goods, and advice for the delivery agent should you not be present at the time of delivery.

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are calculated based upon your location and will be shown in your basket and during the checkout process.

Please note that supplier(s) may not hold stock. Goods may be shipped directly from the manufacturer and each manufacturer represented in your basket will add a delivery fee to the total.

2 Panasonic products and 1 Breville product in your basket will result in one Panasonic delivery fee AND one Breville delivery fee.

Delivery fees, like all other values, are shown in Blackfern Reward Points.

Delivery Insurance

All orders delivered within New Zealand are insured against damage or loss during transit up to the value of NZ$1,500. Supplier(s) will not accept any liability for loss or damage in transit that exceeds the value of the loss or damage insurance applying to that delivery.

Delivery Times

After placing your order you will be contacted by the seller who will confirm stock and delivery schedule. Goods may be shipped directly from the manufacturer and depends upon stock availability at the time of your order and also their delivery schedule for your location.

If you are not happy with the expected delivery time, you can cancel your order and have your points returned to you.

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