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50,000 Points from FMG winner

Raj @ Creswick Garage

Congratulations go to Raj @ Creswick Garage, who is the winner of 50,000 Blackfern reward points courtesy of FMG.

If you are not already using FMG as your insurance provider, then it will be worth your while asking them for an insurance quote. You may find you will save some money, and as a Blackfern member you just need to give them your BF number and you'll get Blackfern reward points on your insurance premium.

We have a form on the Blackfern site that makes it easy for you to ask FMG to get in touch.

If you're already an FMG client, make sure to get FMG to link your insurance to your Blackfern number so that you get reward points. Simply get in touch with FMG and they will sort you out.

Visit FMG