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High Margin Wiper Blades From Autoserv

The Best-selling Wipers In New Zealand

If you're looking to make high margins, and increased profitability, and who wouldn't be, then it makes sense to take a look at this wiper promotion from Autoserv.

Their full range or European wipers are designed to fit 99% of vehicles on NZ roads, and whilst you could pay anything from $60.00 to over $100.00 for OEM alternatives, Autoserv's wipers start at just $11.50 and are made from 100% rubber for better wiping performance and durability.

Right now you also get 25x32ml screen wash ($3-$4 retail value per bottle) with every $250.00 wipers purchase from Autoserv. So it makes sense to get in touch and call your local Autoserv salesperson now, or call 09 272 1940.

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