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Blackfern Credit Checking

When you’re supplying goods or services to a business, or member of the public, the most important thing to know is if the debt will be paid back.

Poor paying customers affect your cash flow, which means you’re unable to pay your suppliers. This in turn will negatively impact upon your credit score.

By performing a credit check on your customers you are able to work out if they are likely to pay or not, helping you to avoid bad debts, and maintain a healthy cash flow.

How do I get started?

Before you can perform any credit checks you will first need a Blackfern associated Centrix account. Which is quick and easy to set up.

Once your account is created by Centrix and your Blackfern settings have been updated, you will be able to perform credit checks from the Blackfern site.

To get started, or perform a credit check, simply sign in to your Blackfern account as you usually would, then look for credit checking in our "Useful Tools" area.