Becoming a member of

Blackfern Cooperative

The Blackfern benefits

Become a member-shareholder

Benefit from one account to access a wide range of both national and regional suppliers.

An invoice is provided from the supplier and Blackfern provides a simple easy to read statement. Credits and claims are handled in the normal manner. You control your account.

Signing up to Blackfern Co-Operative is straight forward and when you give us a call, or fill in our Start Your Journey form we'll put you in contact with a Blackfern representative to help you through the process.

There is a one-off $50 account setup charge that will be added to your first statement.

Benefits of becoming a member-shareholder


What will it cost me?

When you become a member-shareholder there is a one-off administration cost of $50 that will be added to your first statement. This is the only cost that you will incur. There are no anuual fee or additional charges.

How do I sign up?

Contact your local Blackfern team member or fill in our Start Your Journey form to get started. The sign up process is straight forward and we will guide you through it.

What information do I need to have?

To sign up as a member-shareholder you will need to have a current NZ passport or NZ driving license. You will also need to have a copy of a recent utility bill.

Are you ready to become a member?

Still not sure? Why not take the time to read what other members have to say about Blackfern.

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