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PO Box 159, Rangiora

03 313 6425

About Aktron

Oil Distributors focus on quality products that make the wheels of all kinds of industries go round.

We refuse to compromise when it comes to providing you with premium quality lubricants and grease, with three carefully selected brands; (Morris Lubricants, Prista Oil and TEL Lubricants).

Every care is taken to ensure all products meet, or exceed, required specifications and that key products carry OEM approvals from all of the major engine manufacturers.

For those reasons, and many others, we stand by our products.

In our bulk warehouse, we have over 300 product lines; hold over 500,000 litres of lubricant in stock at any one time, and have access to over 1200 different products.

Our wide range of pack sizes available for delivery including: Aerosols, grease cartridges, 1L bottles, 5L packs, 20 and 25L cans (environmentally friendly), 205L drums and 1000L IBC’s.

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