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CRL Engine Reconditioners

South Island

28 Belfast Road, Belfast, Christchurch

03 323 4484

About CRL Engine Reconditioners

We are an engine reconditioning, rebuilding & automotive machining company based in Christchurch.

We can cater for all types of vehicles including street, classic, performance, diesel, competition, and motorcycles

Complete engine rebuilds or just component machining:

- Engine Component Machining

- Surface Grinding

Cylinder Blocks, Heads, Manifolds:

- Rebores & Honing

- Cylinder resleeving

Complete cylinder head service including:

- Crack testing, pressure testing, hardness testing

- Valve seat and guide replacement

- Valve & valve seat refacing, synchro-seating, 3 angle

- Chamber volume equalising

- Valve spring set up

- Roller Rocker & Stud setups

- Tappett (Valve clearance) setting Shim / Bucket type

- New cylinder head supply and setup

- Engine Assembly

- Compression ratio setting

- Camshaft degreasing

Take advantage of our drive in - drive out service!

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