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South Pacific Turbochargers

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Supplier, Repairer and Specialist of all automotive and industrial engine turbochargers in New Zealand and the South Pacific, with a sales and service facility based in centrally located sunny Nelson.

South Pacific Turbochargers was originally established in to service large frame ship turbochargers.

During the mid 1990’s, known then as Turbochargers NZ, the ever increasing demand for service and supply of passenger car, truck, bus, light marine and commercial engine turbochargers meant that Craig Mills (now the managing director of South Pacific Turbochargers) joined the team to take on the challenge of the small frame high speed Turbocharger business.

South Pacific Turbochargers has staff that has been in the automotive type turbocharger industry for over 40  combined years.

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03 545 8506

108 Vickerman Street
Port Nelson

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