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Swazi Apparel Ltd

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94 Oxford Street, Levin

06 368 4822

About Swazi Apparel Ltd

SWAZI® has been proudly made in Levin, New Zealand since 1994. Our factory in Levin focussed primarily on our high performance, technical gear. It's the clothing that Swazi is known the world over for its high quality and longevity of life. It's made by a passionate bunch of people who live close by - in fact so close by that many of them walk to work every day.

What's the big deal about that you might ask? A whole lot of things actually. First and foremost it's about community. You see, to us, creating jobs for people who live in our town is pretty much the best community oriented thing we can do. It's bloody awesome to see people develop pride in what they do every day to earn a crust and its awesome to watch that pride spread through their families and whanau.

In 2019 after a couple of years where it was just getting impossible to keep with demand, we started outsourcing some of our fleece range to our partner company in Thailand. We spent over a year researching and working with a number of manufacturers until we were able to find exactly the right company that would ensure that our exceedingly high standards were met for everything from garment quality to the working environment.

The SWAZI® promise is to continue to produce innovative and practical Agricultural, Hunting and Outdoor Leisure clothing, hand in hand with our assurance to make the voice of the outdoors heard by promoting adventure, hunting and a sense of responsibility among young people.

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