We treat Blackfern suppliers like they're members too!

You shouldn't miss out, even if you're not a member

It may surprise you that some of our Blackfern suppliers are also members. However, it makes sense when you think about it. If you can get Blackfern reward points from services such as insurance and office consumables, why not be a member too?

Whether you're a member as well, or solely a Blackfern supplier, we make sure to take care of you as an integral part of our New Zealand Automotive family. We fully appreciate that without the support of our suppliers we wouldn't have happy Blackfern members. That's why we put in extra effort to close that loop and make our suppliers happy, so that they in turn keep our members happy.

Support when you need it

If you're a supplier to the New Zealand automotive industry it makes sense that when you need support, you'll need it during NZ hours. With Blackfern being a New Zealand cooperative, you can be assured that any time you like, you can simply pick up the phone and give us a call, or drop us an email, and we're ready to listen and support you. Whether that's marketing, IT support, or something totally left-field, just ask us and you'll get an honest, thoughtful answer.

Intelligent technology

We firmly believe that the use of technology has to make life better, otherwise there's no point. That's why when we develop solutions for our suppliers (and our members) the first question we ask ourselves is "will this make life better?"

One way that we've been making life better for our suppliers is through our clever invoice loading solution. We've made it so that you can easily get your invoices to us without changing your usual day to day business practices. There's no need for you to manually enter invoices, or do anything with CSV or Excel files. Intrigued? Then get in touch to find out how.

Supplier workshops and trade shows

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved, and our supplier workshops are a great opportunity for us all to half each other's problems. Not only does it enable us to listen to what Blackfern suppliers have to say to us, but it gives all our suppliers a chance to learn from each other. We believe that together we will improve the New Zealand automotive industry.

Alongside supplier workshops we run trade shows that give Blackfern suppliers a platform to demonstrate their services to Blackfern members and also to other local workshops around New Zealand.

Helping you get your message out

The great news for Blackfern suppliers is that we can deliver your message to our members, providing you with a direct link to interested buyers within the automotive industry. As part of the Blackfern experience, all our suppliers benefit from featuring in our emails, our web site news, our blog, and more.

We can do that for you

Did you know that Blackfern suppliers can ask us for help when it comes to designing flyers for them? It's true. If our suppliers want to let Blackfern members know about a promotion, or simply want to remind Blackfern members that they're there, but don't have a flyer, then we can create a flyer for them. What's more, we'll do it for free.

Why would we do that, create a flyer for free? It's because we appreciate that our suppliers want to spend their time focussed on sales and may not have the time available to create something eye catching. Also, if we're being honest, we enjoy doing it.

Are you interested in becoming a supplier?

If you're interested in becoming a Blackfern supplier, it pays to give us a call, or drop us an email, and hear what being part of Blackfern would mean for you.

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