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It's about more than just being a buying group

Whilst Blackfern Co-operative is primarily a buying group in the automotive industry, supporting small workships across New Zealand to get fair prices, we feel that it's about more than just being a buying group.

Here at Blackfern we take an active part in helping our members as they work to make sure New Zealand's fleet of cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles keep on moving.

Finding new suppliers

We cannot expect owner/operator workshops across New Zealand to be frequently on the lookout for new suppliers. There's always one more vehicle, one more bolt, one more of everything. Once you've found a supplier you're happy with, it makes sense to stick with them. But sometimes your everyday suppliers need some help finding the parts or providing the services that you require.

That's when Blackfern and their team act as your second set of eyes to find a supplier that can sort you out. We've saved your time and effort, and on your behalf we have crossed the "T"s and dotted the "I"s to ensure that a supplier is reputable and will be the right fit for our members. You can be assured that to become a Blackfern supplier they have gone through a rigorous process.

Why not take a look through the suppliers we have on board, to see which suit your needs.

However we don't stop there. Just ask and our team will be happy to introduce you to a supplier, arrange a visit, and be there to help make your first purchase a seamless one.

Support when you need it

Nobody wants their day to day work made complicated by nasty surprises. That's why Blackfern makes sure to put all potential suppliers through a thorough vetting process before we take them on board. It's also why we are on hand whenever you need us, at a time that suits you, to provide help whenever you need it.

Any time that you need us to talk to a supplier on your behalf, whether that's just to make an introduction, or to resolve a dispute, we are there to help.

Supplier offers

Every so often a supplier will have a special offer, which is sometimes a discount, sometimes something else. However, when you're busy fixing vehicles all day, it can be hard (if not impossible without a flyer on the table at smoko time) to stay aware of these offers. One of our roles at Blackfern is to make sure that you know the deals available from our suppliers.

We work hard to make sure Blackfern suppliers send us flyers whenever they have a promotion. That way we can group them together and make sure our members are notified in plenty of time so that they can take advantage of the offers available.

Blackfern special offers

Regular promotions are all well and good, but we'd all like something a bit more special, wouldn't we?

It may be cheeky, but on your behalf Blackfern asks our suppliers for that little extra, that additional something you wouldn't get if you weren't a Blackfern member. Maybe it's an extra little discount, maybe it's an exclusive offer, or maybe it's a free something with your purchase. Whichever it is, often our generous suppliers take up the challenege, and believe us, it makes us happy when we know that our strong, friendly, and well-nutured relationships with our suppliers have benefitted our members.

Blackfern rewards draws

As a Blackfern member you'll benefit from our reward points scheme, which brings you reward points on your purchases from Blackfern suppliers. The great news is that those points can be exchanged for balance deductions, and products such as TVs and coffee machines.

However, as a Blackfern member you'll benefit from many opportunities to achieve more. We regularly run prizes draws, and sometimes the prize is extra reward points, and sometimes it might be something as simple as a free lunch, or a box of doughnuts. How nice does that sound?

Are you ready to become a member?

Still not sure? Why not take the time to read what other members have to say about Blackfern.

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